Waiting-15 months

Days have turned into months that have turned into over one year and we have never stopped. We have been waiting as patiently as possible, clinging onto hope when 2020 threw everyone a major curveball, to say the least. We try the “take one step at a time” approach with adoption and this past year took things to a whole new level. It has been and continues to be a struggle not to overthink what it will be like to bring a baby into our home when we haven’t gone out except for walks and drives-we’ve been self-isolating for over a year.  It can be easy to get ahead of ourselves trying to think through all the details. With all the unknowns and my health risks it is hard to know what the best decision for our family is, to keep moving forward or to stop to take a break. It’s been a challenge to update when things have been so slow and really, we don’t have much to say. Our agency only had 7 babies placed for adoption in 2020 and profile was shown exactly 6 times with half of those before March. The pandemic definitely took a toll on the work our agency does. Despite it all, we continue to press forward, to wait patiently knowing that in the end, it will be worth it every single minute.

Through it all, we continue to see glimmers of hope that keep us going on this adoption journey. Every text asking us if we have any adoption updates and how we’re doing, to flowers left on the doorstep, to sweet notes of encouragement, to gifts from our registry that show up unexpectedly at the door, we know that this process would be a whole lot harder without your support and encouragement. Although we have no big news to share, we want to say that we are grateful for each one of you cheering us on. We are hopeful. Thank you for holding us up, for waiting in hope with us.