We are Jon & Jenn

6 years of marriage

5 years on the road of adoption

3 moves

3 autoimmune diseases

2 girls

1 pup

1 amazing life together as a family of 4

Over 5 YEARS ago, we created this space for others to follow along during our first adoption journey. Since then we have brought home our first daughter Adeline, and we recently brought home our second daughter, Charlotte through adoption a few months ago. During these past 5 months of our road to adoption, we have moved several times, bought our first home, renovated that home with a 3 year old and 4 month old in tow,  and have seen our community come together to cheer us on and help us build our family again and again. All in just 5 years. Thanks for following along. We hope you are encouraged by our story and learn how amazing adoption truly can be!