5 Months and $26,897.95 Later

Two weeks ago we had raised $18,868.85, needing $11,536.15 to hit our goal.

One week ago we had raised $25,468.85 and were $4981.15 away from our goal.

Today we have raised $26,897.95 and are just $3,552.05 to meet our goal!

We went from being 62% to 88% in just TWO weeks! 

During this season, it can be so easy to forget the good, to focus on the bad and ugly in our world that feels so overwhelming during this season of stay at home orders and self-quarantine. This is our story to remind you of the good in the world, of people coming together from friends and family members, to people we’ve never met, to amazing organizations such as Show Hope, Lifesong for Orphans, and Pure Gift of God that have so generously provided grants, to help us build our family and bring Baby 3 home. We truly feel that God is opening doors in ways that we could have never expected and we are so excited that you’re on this journey with us!

When Charlotte was just a few months old, I felt this odd pull that we should bring another baby into our family-that we should do this again. Bringing Charlotte into our family was very jarring to say the least. We found out about her on a Tuesday and had a meeting with a social worker at the hospital the next morning. That morning, we received very little information on her case besides she was “overall healthy and fine.” We felt like we had to make a very risky blind decision about a very premature baby without meeting her or talking to doctors. That day we had two hours to make a decision, so Jon and I went to lunch to pray and talk it through before calling our social worker to say YES to Charlotte joining our family. On Thursday, we signed papers that placed her into our family and later that afternoon, Jon & I met her for the first time one at a time since Adeline was too young to be in the NICU. After 2 long weeks driving back and forth to the NICU in LA traffic, leaving Adeline for longer stretches of time than ever and preparing our home for our baby girl, she was home. Then feeling a pull to do it all over again-all of the paperwork, the waiting, the fundraising, just a few months later.

When I talked to Jon about feeling like we should do this again, he felt he had been having the same thoughts and feelings.

God was moving in our hearts to adopt for a third time and bring home Baby 3.

Flash forward to now,  one year from when we first started talking about adoption journey #3 and we have been officially waiting 5 months. We never could have predicted waiting to adopt during a pandemic, having to fundraise during what is an economic crisis for many, having to buy masks so if we can go into the hospital when we get “the call” we are ready. Not only that, but God has opened doors to funding our adoption in ways like never before. With Adeline we fundraised a little over half. With Charlotte, her adoption was fully funded by our friends, family, and grant organizations after finishing fundraising AFTER we brought her home, after waiting 15 months. This time around we only have $3,552.05 left to hit our goal and we have been only waiting 5 MONTHS.

There has been a lot of questioning from us whether we heard right, that we should do this again so soon, whether the timing of this is right given the current situations in the world. And yet, every time we question, God shows up in miraculous ways that keep us walking the path in front of us, taking the next right step day by day.

You all along with our amazing grant organizations have so generously given $26,897.95 to our adoption fund in just 5 months! This is a miracle that we just can’t stop and won’t stop talking about!! We truly feel that God is opening doors in ways that we could have never expected and we are so excited that you’re on this journey with us

– J

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