10 months

10 months

10 months of waiting.

10 months of seeing God provide, once again, to make our second adoption possible. We were in absolute shock the day I walked out to the mailbox and received a check in the mail for the exact amount that we had just donated that morning to a family in crisis. We had opened our hands and hearts to help someone else and God showed up, providing us the exact same amount to go toward our adoption fund! It’s just one of the many stories we have from this adoption journey.

10 months of relying on the support of friends and family who show up to fundraisers, who give us sweet, thoughtful gifts for our new baby to be, who come alongside us and hold us up when life knocks us down. There’s been a lot of not-feeling-well days lately, days where I stay in bed. We would not be able to survive without our parents, friends who take Adeline so we can rest or get date nights on good days, and friends who ask us how we’re really doing.

10 months of learning all over again how to wait-you’d think we’d be good at this by now, going through this process once before-learning to trust and rely on God in new ways. Some days trusting is getting excited and obsessing over the pretty Solly wrap that I don’t really need and some days it means leaning on friends to encourage us and tell us to keep going.


Looking back, these past 10 months have been some of the most unexpected, hard, happy times we’ve had yet. We’ve gone through:

  • job transition
  • medical diagnosis for Jon
  • celebrating 5 years of marriage
  • moving to a new home
  • waiting to adopt baby 2
  • celebrating a certain someone turning 2
  • learning how to lean into health and happiness despite whatever life throws our way.


10 months down! This adoption journey has been full of lots of transitions and big celebrations. We have been a part of a fundraising campaign and made a video about our family, applied for many grants, hosted a Noonday Collection party, partnered with AdoptTogether and Lifesong for Orphans for our fundraising. We have been stretched and done many things I never thought we would do, and made fun memories that we can one day share with our baby to be. As hard as the wait is, I am thankful for each step of the way and for each of you who has come alongside us on this amazing journey. Thank you!


Here’s some quick Q&A that I’ve been getting a lot lately:


Q:Where are you at in the adoption process?

A: Even though things have been silent on the blog, we are still waiting, waiting waiting. We are fully approved and can get a call at any time that there will be a little one joining our family!


Q: Are you still fundraising?

A: We are still working on our fundraising…we took a bit of a break after moving to our new home to settle, rest and regroup, as well as support dear friends that are going through an unbelievably rough season. Now that things are a little bit more stable, we are ready to get moving again!


Q: Where are you at with your fundraising goal?

A: We’ve raised 50% of our goal! We are so blown away by each one of you who has given to our fund, prayed for us, and given us hope when we feel down. We have more fundraisers planned, so stay tuned for updates!