chaos and love

When we first brought Adeline home, I didn’t think we would ever be able to add to our family again. Not only because of the financial burden of adoption, but also because of my health being up and down. It hasn’t even been two years and yet we’ve stepped out once again into another adoption in journey, in large part because of our amazing community supporting us. We couldn’t do this again without your prayers, giving financially, and help with Adeline when I’m not feeling well. THANK YOU.


Life has looked a lot like this lately: toys all over the floor, boxes piled up to the ceiling, always moving, never slowing down. When I stop long enough to think about it all, no wonder I feel like my life is a bit chaotic and messy yet bursting with love all at the same time.


June has already been full of fundraising, waiting to hear back on an adoption grant that we applied for, waiting for the call for our next little one, raising an almost two year old, managing my health which takes lots of effort and time, and Jon tackling a new position at work, meaning I have to step up in other ways too. If that wasn’t enough on our plates, we also decided to move! We signed a lease and will be moving in July. We are so grateful for the opportunity to move, to be waiting to adopt again (I still can’t believe it!), and for the new position that Jon has accepted at work. So many good, great, amazing things that we are grateful for. And lots of waiting too.


It’s that perfect mix of chaos and love together, the moving (literally and figuratively) and the waiting at the same time, the sitting in the pain and brokenness of our own story and celebrating with our friends at the same time that is so necessary. Life is full of so many ANDs when so many times we want just the good, instagram worthy, pretty, happy, big moments and not the hard, painful, normal life, messy ones. Through this season of waiting, I am definitely a work in progress learning that embracing both sides of that and is what brings the truest form of wholeness and healing to my life. I want to lean into that even more, especially during this season of waiting. Embracing all of the chaos AND love that makes this story ours.


*Sidenote: MOVING WITH A TODDLER. BEWARE. This task requires most patience I have ever needed. I love to be organized and pack boxes by room. Instead, I pack a box, go to get the tape, come back, and there’s surprises added to the box, or things missing. Yesterday I apparently lost our tub drain stopper when it mysteriously disappeared into the abyss of our box pile taking up a good portion of our 750 sq. ft. condo. If any of you have a toddler that can’t take a bath when they need one, you know what a situation this was. Luckily Jon saved the day by stuffing a washcloth in the drain so Addey could take a bath, but I’m sure this is just the beginning of our moving adventure.