New Baby, Big Move

As my friend said jokingly, “new baby? No problem. Let’s move too!” 

Second summer in a row with the soundtrack of tape sticking against moving boxes and smell of sharpie permeating the house after labeling over and over. Second summer of little hands taking out the newly packed toys when I turn around, sneakily trying to play with the stuffed animals that have been sitting untouched on a shelf for the past year.

Moving gives me a fresh start, a blank canvas to design, new dreams, something to accomplish and achieve. new to do list! Big goals! The packing and cleaning. The organizing each box and putting the boxes in a certain order and space. Spending every extra moment watching chip and  joanna do their magic on homes and pinning all the navy blue kitchens I can find. everything I live for. It’s like New Years and Christmas all in one!

And yet, this time I’m trying to soak up my new little love while she’s still sleepy and tiny. Wearing her in my bright yellow wrap- the one I picked out while we were waiting, dreaming for her-as I fill boxes with our memories that we won’t need for at least a month, sweat dripping down my face. (Are all babies hot or do mine have a weird superpower?) or taking a break and laying on the couch while she sleeps on my chest, this time around knowing that this newborn season does not last forever. 

Charlotte, you’re 3 months today and more than ever you’re teaching me to slow down, to let go of my plans and to do’s and need to achieve and to be okay with this messy, imperfect season. That when I look back I’m not going to remember how many boxes I packed and labeled perfectly or how good I felt from tackling my to do list but I’ll remember how our days were spent, you watching me pack from your swing or strapped to my chest or how necessary and life giving taking breaks to slow down, to just be together and rest in the middle of piles of boxes. I’ll remember the smell of milk and newness cuddled up on me as you’re sleeping, the smoothness of your skin- you bringing me even more joy than moving ever could. How perfect this imperfect season was. All because of you. 

(Any tips for slowing down in the midst of chaos and/or moving tips are definitely welcome! Email us at if you’d like our new address!)