We need YOU!

“Baby!” I hear Adeline say as I turn away from the conversation I’m having with a friend to see what she’s up to. Keeping track of my busy girl while trying to have a normal adult conversation sometimes proves to be impossible, especially while we are at her favorite place of all time: anywhere outside where she can run and climb and do things that make my heart jump. My conversations tend to be full of a lot of phrases such as, “What were we talking about?” after telling our girls to stay in the playground area or handing out cheddar bunny snacks and sippy cups full of water. As I turn, I see her handing a pacifier to my friend’s little baby who is snuggled up in her stroller. Everything has been all about babies lately, and now she’s taking time away from her beloved park to see this sweet little baby. All I can think is how great of a big sister Adeline is going to be, and I can’t wait!

Over the past few months, we have been absolutely in awe of all the love and support shown to us. We still cannot believe how many of you voted for us and shared our story in November, and more importantly, how many of you are continually praying for us and asking how you can help bring our new son or daughter home. I know I say it a lot in this space, but THANK YOU. I don’t think I’ll ever have the words for how grateful we are for each one of you.

Because of the encouragement of many of you, we are starting our first big fundraiser to reach our goal of $28,500 for Baby Sato #2!

Here’s how it works:

When you donate to our fund at http://adopttogether.org/families/?fundraiser=jsadoptsbaby2 we will put your name on a banner that will hang in our baby’s room. Our sweet friend created this amazing piece to hang in our new baby’s room. We cannot wait to see it FULL of names of friends and family written on it! WE NEED YOUR HELP and are asking you, as our community, our family, our support system to continue on this journey with us whether it’s through prayers, financial support, encouragement, or just letting you know you are here for us. Even though you may not be called to adopt, you can get involved in adoption through supporting us in our journey. If you have any questions about our fundraiser, feel free to reach out to us in person or email us at adopts.js@gmail.com.

Why we chose this type of fundraiser:

We did a similar fundraiser while we were waiting to bring Adeline home, and I posted about it here. https://jsadopts.com/blog/a-piece-of-our-puzzle/. We love that our daughter and future son or daughter can see each and every single name that helped to bring them home. We absolutely love to talk about adoption with Adeline and the journey we went on for her to be a part of our family. Even though she is still a little young to understand, we want to always have that be a part of her life. We plan to do this with baby #2 as well and cannot wait to show him or her each and every name and talk about our second adoption journey.

Thank you again, so so much. We are truly leaning on God and our community-on YOU-for support during this wait and cannot wait to see how God shows up in big ways.