Hello from Florida!

On Thursday, Jon and I headed out east for the Free Methodist Church’s General Conference. Every four years, our denomination gathers as a whole from all over the country and even the world to connect as a family and gain clarity in our vision, values, and priorities. It has been so wonderful to hear stories and get to know people who love Jesus and are committed to serving the church. It has also been amazing to get some time away from normal life. We are really trying to be intentional and soak up this mini vacation we have together. We are hoping and praying that this is our last little vacation as just us as a family.

Have you ever had moments or seasons in life where it’s incredibly difficult to stay in the present because of excitement for the future yet you feel pulled to be in the present at the same time? I know that’s exactly what both Jon and I are feeling right now during this waiting time. We are trying to enjoy our time as a couple, yet feel this excitement for the future. During this week, I am trying to balance the excitement for the future and living in the present by waiting well. Waiting well for me this week means enjoying our time together, taking time to slow down, reading by the pool, sleeping in, eating take out while watching a movie and snuggling up with Jon, making special memories together, as well as daydreaming about our future little family together and allowing ourselves some time to plan and dream.

This past weekend, we spent part of our day at Downtown Disney exploring the little shops and watching all the cute little ones in their favorite Disney attire. Seeing all the little ones lead us to dream what it might be like to one day take our little family to Disney World-what our family might look like, what we would like to do, what age is the best to take on an awesome Disney adventure. I think that’s also a part of waiting well-allowing myself time to plan and dream, as long as it’s in moderation and not taking away from important moments in the present. It has been fun to spend time in the present during this mini vacation as well as balance time dreaming about the future together. I don’t think that our life has to be one or the other during this time, looking to the future or living in the present. I think a balance of both is what has been working well for us so far. It is super hard to balance and wait well, but we are trying our best!